Sequel’s paper is cranking

I have been doing some research on the Matrix franchise as it is my prime example of a series of ‘sequels’ that are not so much the the mimetic reproduction of a series of attributes, but a series of repeated differences that make each its own example or simulation. This includes the three movies the […]

Team America, ‘fuck yeah’ or ‘get fucked’?

US Narcissism: ‘Pimp the World‘ The real puppets in Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s latest effort are the right and left of politics. The flick is a comical polemic (or polemical comedy??) that allegedly sticks the boot in to the patriotic neo-cons and F.A.G liberals. Instead it sticks the boot into politics as an institution. […]

Ode to my beautiful Samantha…

We met at a franchised coffee house, During breaks in our working days. Hiding behind a book and an academic long black, She wanted peace and quiet, Which I disrupted with a clumsy interjection. “Post-colonial theory, eh?” [PAUSE] [BLUSH] To which she replied with a look of who-is-this-boy? Exchanges of over-the-counter coffees, And over the […]

Jacques Derrida dies at the age of 74

I feel sad. Here are some links:,,2-13-1443_1602574,00.html It reminds me of the joke in the movie Adaptation. Donald Kaufman: Listen, I need a cool way to kill people. Don’t worry, for my script. Charlie Kaufman: I don’t know that kind of stuff. Donald Kaufman: Oh, come on, man, please? You’re the genius. […]