Canberra was good

Canberra was good. I met up with Katie and Ursula and we had a thorough discussion over lunch. I am getting so excited about our panel at the CSAA conference!
I also had a quick coffee and chat with an old friend from Perth, Cat Harris, who is now working for the Fed Gov in the Berra.
The Melbourne/movie thing is motoring along. Ticket is organised. I have a big secret with who is interested in being involved in the project… CRAZY!!!! There is a lot of work to do yet, that is for bloody sure! Stay tuned…

More travelling…

I am seriously considering driving down to ANU tomorrow to see Katie Hayne screen some of her footage of car enthusiasts in and around Canberra. Three hour drive each way… fun! Taking the cake for some crazy fun… Cameron Male rang me up yesterday and he wants me to consult for the next car enthusiast movie project he is organising, so I am being flown down to Melbourne for a very long lunch, haha! He is also looking for a writer who is also a car enthusiast to do a rewrite on the script. So if the two people who read this know of anyone who is into cars (and has some writing experience!!!) and is willing to do a script rewrite purely for the love of it and a writing credit next to their name for a movie that WILL be made get them to send me an email.

Back in the saddle!

So back in Sydney now… and I am getting organised for the next couple of weeks.

In terms of work, my paper for the CSAA conference is solidifying in my head. I have done a lot of the work already, it just needs to be brought together. During these periods I need to keep on reminding myself that I really do know more about this stuff than most people, so when I try to push my thinking (Best advice I was ever given: “Push it, Glen. Never be satisfied.”) to test the limits of its internal consistency I jump a threshold and begin to operate in a place that has little relevance to everyday life or other scholarly projects. This is not some kind of arrogance, it is a serious problem. If I can not write stuff that others will find relevant, then I might as well forget about it. So lay the groundwork, then worrying about pushing it.

The perfect storm and I clicked my heels together three times…

… and I ended up back in Oz.

Well, United Airlines are the most officially shithouse airlines I have ever flown in all my travels. On the leg from Chicago to San Fran I had to buy some dinner. Plus they don’t have individual tv screens for each passenger.

Some good news… I may have lined up another high profile interview for my thesis. This one is totally killer… I hope it happens!!

Well the apartment is great and I am glad to be back. I need to go down to the car and get it organised. Maybe after a sleep. I haven’t driven in nearly three months so it is a bit scary…

OH! Speaking of driving, my animal XD Ford “BILT2HAMR” Falcon seems like it is going to be ready to show off come the CSAA Conference in Fremantle. It is not really showing off material, but it will at least give my academic mates a better understanding of where I come from… haha!

Anyway, a well meaning (or not) customs officer came up to me at Sydney Airport this morning when I was waiting for my luggage (like in the pre-customs x-ray check area) and asked me a few questions. Nothing serious probably just seeing how I reacted to attention from authorities. Pffft… As if someone who wanted to do something bad would choose someone looking like me to do it (severely jet-lagged humanities PhD student who stinks like total shit or at least like his clothes have not been changed for a solid 24 hours or which 19 were in the air)… Plus I am normally pretty cool with police/whatevers as I have learnt the best response is not to try to act totally cool, but to act with a mild bit of hesitation as if you are a regular schmuck who doesn’t normally get pulled over by the police for speeding, and were very sorry for even providing the necessary conditions for the precipiation of a “Hey You!” Althusserian interpellation-event, differ to the imagined higher authority as it were… Anyway, this customs officer asked me where I had been. I said Sweden on exchange. WHat am I doing. Phd, blah blah blah. Then she asked what had I been doing in the US, visiting friends? And I said, sort of, I had come back really early, because I was visiting my girlfriend and discovered that the end of our relationship had been finalised for me. That was just my overly convoluted way of saying I went to the US to discover I had been dumped. It took her a few seconds to get the drift of what I was saying, and in the meantime I had to hunt down and control my reactionary emotions who were plotting my breakdown via a huge lump in my throat. I tried to turn away from looking anywhere and I was grateful when the customs officer finally realised, after what seemed like an eternity, that I was in a very fragile and emotionally exhausted state of mind.

It made me realise that the possibility of me ever having to go through that exact moment in a totally bizaar situation again, explaining to some perfect stranger events in my life that are accutely sad/embarrassing/turmultuous, is close to zero. I was experiencing and caught up in some weird kind of singularity that was definitively unravelling who I was at that moment. Bedraggled and smelly, tired and barely functioning, and all the other things that result from the weird intersection of being dumped by someone you trully love, travelling for nearly a day straight without a smoke, and coming home from being overseas for almost 2 1/2 months. Like in that movie where all those storms intersect and overlap multiplying each other. It wasn’t ‘bare life’, it was ‘bare Glen’… caught in an emotional life-support raft in the calm eye of the perfect storm. It is hard to express how alive I felt at that exact moment.