Get merry!

Of those brave readers of my blog who have not already had a sexy supersized xxx-mas, I offer this little gem from the dancing-with-lasers scene in the flick that was made for followers of Baudrillard (wtf Julia Roberts playing someone playing Julia Roberts?? I almost choked on the straw for my frozen coke), Ocean’s 12 […]

As funny as lemon juice in a little plastic squeezy bottle found in the fridge

Inspired by a post on Mel’s blog, here is Academic (sung with a similar ironic spirit and tune of ‘Supermodel’ by Jill Sobule). I don’t care what my tutors say, I’m gonna be an academic. And everyone is gonna speak like me, Wait and see…When I’m an academic, And my books on amazon dot com free, Everyone […]

Talking to pretty girls, again

I must be recovering, well, maybe not entirely or perhaps I am too reflexive for my own good or something, but last night I realised that I was talking to a young woman who was breath-takingly pretty and I was enjoying it. We were getting on alright, I spoke her language, which is not the […]

The social utility of the tax return

As you do a lot this time of year, I have been yarning to many people about relatively random stuff. One singularity that was repeated in different ways in many conversations was the social utility of the tax return. The focus of the conversation was obviously not the tax return, but what the tax return […]

Capital is eyeballin’ you

Since being back home I have been cranking the pay-tv my folks have. I caught _Dog Soldiers_ this morning, dang, that is a cool movie… Anyway, on the Cartoon Network they have this promotion running at the moment called _Eyeballs 2_. Here is the login page. Fly Buys points and all the other consumer incentive programs […]