Dyno day

Yeah, so the dyno day…

Started off well. I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm went off, which is a very eery habit I have when excited. Perhaps as a carry over from early morning sport training, I must have the most awesome body clock on the freakin planet as I seem to wake up just before my alarm goes off whenever I am excited. SO I was excited and very guilty because I had so much other work to do, but I had to go to the dyno for fieldwork and for some much needed fun.

Had dramas on the way there, throwing a bloody fan belt, which suX0rs… So I walked what seemed like 500 miles up the bloody road to some joint after a quick call to the dyno day event organiser (pierre) to get the correct belt number. Changed it in the servo I hastily pulled into when the engine warning lights came on. The job took about 20 minutes after 40 minutes of walking!! I had to clean my hands in some dirty servo dunny that was painted vomit yellow and smelt like a 1000 flushes… I didn’t feel like I was cleaning my hands… It felt like I was actually being used to scratch a fat cabbies sweaty arse crack three quarters into a 12 hour shift. Repress. Repress! REPRESS!

After driving around the maze that is the Liverpool shopping district for about half an hour I finally found a nearby car park and said hello to everybody. I was wearing my secret weapon for the CSAA conference as a test deployment. Everyone loved it, which is cool.

Anyway, I got 116 rwkw ED XR6 mostly stock with zaust and extractors. I am happy, I think? It is more than my Silvia got (144hp) with slightly larger FMIC and 3″ zaust (about same cost money wise in terms of modifications).

So now I am free of the shackles of a relationship, I can do my fieldwork properly and do up my car. Bring on the BBM!! But first is the “correctly coloured door” mod.