To the Best Drivers on Earth

I just got a private message through the home of European street racing and co-created and co-run by Mr A from Getaway in Stockholm fame. What do you reckon? Sell a couple of body organs and buy a Lambo? Or maybe a modified version that is proclaimed as a “genuine racing car for the street.”

Meh, no one would want my decrepit organs anyway. Plus the Gallardo needs twin turbos. 

To the best drivers on earth:

The Ultimate Rally is the world championship of street racing.
7 days, 3000 miles, 200mph and US$ 2 million prize money.

If you are a fast driver with a powerful car & balls of steel checkout our official website:

The Ultimate Rally is limited to 100 cars and the entry fee is US$ 30,000. See our terms & conditions and apply here:

Join our official Forums at and learn more about this next generation Cannonball Run.


Founder of the Ultimate Rally.

I hope whomever partakes in this little adventure knows what they are getting in for. Bloody hell… Reads like something from Hollywood. l3337 hackers and a week-long street race with $2 million prize money. Maybe I should file this one under “Living large in the movie world”?