R.I.P. John DeLorean, 1925-2005

1980s carmaker DeLorean dies at 80. (via)

The Delorean was a piece of fanciful shit and the car of my when-I-was-8-years-old dreams (or maybe I was older? hmmm). I built one out of Lego. I could never get it to go 88 miles per hour. I was also bitterly disappointed that my primary school library had nothing on building your own flux capacitor. Plus the bastard librarian reckoned I had a book out called “Eating string” or some shit. Could the real thing get up to 88 miles per hour? Maybe.

Are they filming ‘Getaway in 1985′?


The car would’ve died a slow and even more expensive death had it not been for its starring role in Back to the Future (check out some of the awesome trivia). Anyone who says that car was not totally cool is either a bellicose ‘tard or not from our generation. That was some cool shit. Then the second one had the hover-board. OMG! If you go ANYWHERE in a DeLorean and your car doesn’t turn heads then go somewhere else because the people there obviously have no conception of how to appreciate one of the greatest artefacts of late-modern, US-global, popular culture.

Here is an awesome page on how many trips the DMC took in the BTTF film series.


I remember getting the first out from the video store (one of the very first videos we had got out, it was a family thing to do back then), because the car looked cool. Then when it said “To Be Continued” at the end of the film I almost couldn’t sleep. I had to see the next movie. When we went back to return the video the next day, I cried. I hated that video man. Why didn’t he have the next movie? This is scarred into my subconscious, I am sure of it. I think that was the first time I became aware of the dynamics of popular culture, as something that was happening ‘over there’. I also didn’t give a rats about what was happening over there, I just want to see the nest one. Then when it didn’t come out, I remember flicking through magazines at the newsagent’s trying to figure out when it would. Two years or 2 1/2 or whatever it was seemed like such a long time, we are talking about at least 1/4 to 1/5 of my time on this planet. I didn’t know it was called ‘popular culture’, but that is what I was waiting on. The affective temporalities of anticipation.


Bye bye to Mr DeLorean. Thanks for your part in my childhood memories.

I need to see those movies again…

Wildside: Kinematography

Lately I have been getting into the ABC tv program. I like the dialogue and the distinctly Australian humour. Sometimes I genuinely laugh while watching the show, not at the characters or writing, but with the characters when they laugh. It is a different experience to laugh at something like South Park compared to laughing with Wildside.

Anyway, I was doing a little googling on the show and I found an interview with producer, Steve Knapman. He says:

We had a view of scriptwriting that was inspired by a lot of shows, but we wanted to produce scripts that had a velocity in them, that had attack. We didnÂ’t want to write scripts where people wallowed in their own emotions. […] We wanted to make serious adult drama that had humour, that was entertaining, that was fast moving and that was relevant; a drama where the story folded back onto our central characters. As a consequence of that we were very hungry on story and research and characters and the casting implications of that were huge. […] In the design of the sets with Steven Jones Evans who did Romper Stomper, we went for a back lane, back door feel so there are lots of pipes, air conditioning ducts and cyclone wire. You add that to a long lens, back-lit feel multicam with a lot of movement and kinetic energy in the frame before you even start. […] Various characters are fighting for their goals. And the nature of the world, the fact that there is this conflict between the street and the police, compassion and order – that battle demands a certain energy.

I can relate to the conflict between compassion and order. What you want to happen and what should be done. The specific violence of ethics confronting duty is masterfully explored. Between co-workers, father and son, mother and daughter, client and service professional, the police and the public, etc. All involve various ratios of ethical responsibility and the duty implicit in various kinds of relationships.

The interesting thing for me is his invocation of kinetics. The notion of ‘speed and attack’ (affect) compared to wallowing in ’emotions’. One is brutal and of the body and the other is reflexive and highly social and thus implicated in stratified sedimentations of affect. The show is not non-emotional. The pace of life’s infinite unraveling and the way dramatic intrigues develop has an engaging out-of-control feeling.

And “a drama where the story folded back onto our central characters”? ‘folding’? ‘speed and attack’? This dude is so a Deleuzian…

sub me in – play

So I am listening to The Postal Service. I thought I had gone to see them in Perth. But Myke tells me that was Idlewild. I am not sure where I got the CD from. Probably a copy from Sam or something. The album is called ‘Give Up’. And it is brilliant.

I know this may sound weird coming from someone who exclaimed to fact of Motley Crue’s immanent late-2005/early-2006 world tour visit to Sydney, but these Postal Service dudes are cool.

It may be too overtly ‘cool’ in a stressed-denim-witty-t-shirt-converse-runners-just-woke-up-haircut-retro-80’s sort of way for some people — for people like me. Almost. By deploying the loaded ‘cool’ I am gesturing towards associated discourses in a knowing, but enthusiastic non-ironic way. Sure it is an utter disgrace that is gets soiled-by-association through being part soundtrack on the OC, but I don’t give a fuck — makes me want to hit somebody for associating it with such a smug piece of shit TV! — but, really, I don’t care. Whatever. It is ok, because it is cool.

(Subpop? What the fuck is subpop? I want a job inventing popular culture neologisms. That would be subcool. And then get a pay raise to invent neological combinations. That would just be insidiously ithurts subcool, like, totally, man.) Via amazon.com:

“With Jimmy in L.A. and Ben in Seattle, the two simply mailed tracks back and forth, collaborating via (you guessed it) the United States Post Office.”

How awesome is that shit? I thought for a second they were total freaks and, like, were into Kevin Costner movies, but then, taking an Actor Network Theory angle, you know, I realise that it is infact the network enabled by the mail service which allowed them to colloborate and produce the CD. The band is an actor network. Boom boom. Yes, but I am in love, love like in terms of repeat-repeat-repeat! Love. Subcool.

Anyway. On Keith Windschuttle (re: Negri visit). Windschuttle may be a historian, but is he a philosopher? What does he know about Negri’s value to philosophy? Sweet fuck all, I gather. Going by his logic, we should never help anyone who has been implicated in ‘terrorist groups’, such as supporting the old regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, let alone let them come to Australia. Oh no! Subshocktastic! That unfortunately scratches Donald Rumsfield off the list. Oh well. Subpolitical. What a terrible fuckin shame that is…

I hope I never meet Windschuttle. He seems a bit stupid, even sublogical. It is funny that he mentions Dirk Moses in his column as he was the unit coordinator for the history unit that Sam tutored in.

On another note! It looks as though my material science PhD friend, Matt, may be going to the academic bright lights of Cambridge for a post-doc. Very exciting!

Also, Helene has gone home today. We had good fun while she was here! Still trying to find the energy to write up a report on the karaoke. I will miss her. Subhappy.

Extreme Postgradding: A happy ending?

Would anyone be too surprised if I said I drove angry on the way to uni this morning after a catastrophic failure of my home computer? Whipping the XR6 through the gears, holding it back, surging it forward, playing with the rhythms of traffic and so on. It is not driving under the influence, but driving with ressentiment…

It is probably the most upset I have been for a long time (lucky I was only flying then, and not driving! lol!). There was really no way around the problem. I was very broke, no computer and a bloody thesis to write.

Several moments in my life I thought I must be one of the luckiest bastards alive. Like the time I won a Harley Davidson Sportster, or that other time when one-of-many girls said, “Yes, they would love to have a coffee…”

Anyway, today my luck has been of the economic kind. My payment for the work I did on a previous research project has come through. Today! Today of all days! The day the music died! Before I even got to sing! Was I thinking tonight at karaoke was going to be entirely shithouse? Yes. Yes, I was… but now I have cause for celebration!!! Celebration! Fuck yeah!!!

I am not sure if postgrad life is meant to be like this, or maybe it is? Christian has been having his own dramas, Sandy has nowhere to stay, and Clif is just trying to submit his damn PhD and be done with it. Extreme postgradding. Like any other extreme sport we should be wearing head gear. Everyone has their frustrations but it is amazing how these things work out in the end. I am still going to have borrow some funds from my long-suffering father to tie me over until I can sell the Monster Tach I have up for sale ($240 if any one wants it!?!?). At the moment my monster tach is reading in the redline I am that excited. I am yet to actually get the computer, but it looking good. Pretty damn good.

Look out karaoke!!!!! Hot dang!!!

Not good.

Today is a bad day.

A very very bad day.

My computer at home died and I may have killed it.

I have been having a recurring problem with it shutting down, so I figured out all the little Windows XP tricks for sussing out what the problem couldbe. I got a couple of blue screen error pages that told me either there wasa hardware/driver problem where something was setting up at infinite loop ofsome description and the other problem was a writing to the RAM which tellsme I have some bad RAM.

Anyway so this morning I decided to clean the bugger, all the fans andheatsinks had heaps of dust and shit on them. So I did.

This is not my actual computer, although it very well may be after I get a new one. Yep, I’ll fuckin burn it.

Now it doesn’t reboot. I am not sure what I have done. Because I don’t have real computer skills and I can’t afford to fix it I am going to be in at the CCR from now on.

Eventually I will have to buy another computer (minus DVDRW drive, Zip drive, peripherals which will all be taken over from this oldbusted one). My brother bought a pretty sick computer over Xmas for only $1500, so I will probably spend as little as possible to get something of similar quality tothe number I have now. Probably cost around $700-800.

Man this is fucked.

Doesn’t it know I have a fuckin thesis to write? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!