After Subcultures Might Be Some Subcultures

Below is a message I posted to the main subcultures list. Can any intrepid visitors to my blog help?

I just got my copy of After Subculture ed Bennett and Kahn-Harris and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some work (if it exists) that does not follow the regular music/style line about the BCCCS work. ie in their intro Bennett and Kahn-Harris write: “Representing as it did the first attempt to provide a systematic social theory of music and style-driven youth cultures, Resistance Through Rituals quickly became a key text both in youth research and in the teaching of youth culture as an academic subject.” (1) In Resistance Through Rituals there are many essays/extracts that are not primarily concerned with music and/or style. What I am after is help finding any work that members of the list may know that uses or engages with the general BCCCS framework (in a positive/affirmative or critical manner) but does so without the now normal focus on style or music subcultures. I am thinking along the lines of Jon Stratton’s piece in the Subcultures Reader or Bert Moorhouse’s very brief comments in his Driving Ambitions regarding Paul Willis’s work.

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Robin over at Dread, Walking has posted a further revised version of the translation of Badiou’s Numbers that he is doing. Well worth checking out and Robin should be applauded for his efforts!!! I still haven’t figured out Badiou’s use of set theory yet, and I used to be ok at maths! I have a nagging suspicion that it involves something like the fallacy required for the old teleological proof of God. (And I am not joking, just confused, orificer!) Although Daniel Smith’s essay “Badiou and Deleuze on the Ontology of Mathematics” in the Hallward edited collection Think Again clears up a number of things in my understanding of both Deleuze and Badiou. ‘Axiomatics’ vs ‘problematics.’ I will have to write a post on this later.

Oh, I added PHDBLOGIT to my blog roll. The blogger in question is now a colleague of mine at the CCR! Fantastic. Another PhD blogger! w00t!!!!!!!111

Lastly, I am up late. Just figured out how to start my due-at-the-end-of-the-month non-places article as I was going to sleep. How often does that happen!?!?! All the bloody time! Damn crepuscular thought/sleep events…

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The Birth of a Monster: Eye, Spit, Laugh, #2

Jean hits on an interesting theory. I decided to do a little in(ternet)vestigation. 

In high school (Ridgemont High) he had some fast times as a ‘bud stoner’:

Then he gets hauled off by some Nazi’s who run a fuckin stupid backwater right-wing religious-zealot state in the US by accidently getting caught walking around town in some low-rider Levi’s with his g-string showing:

After some severe brain washing (continual loops of Jerry Springer, Oprah and Sesame Street episodes) while in prison…

…he attempts to resist their extreme right-wing stupidity by going Jesus/Achey-Breaky-Heart-mode like most other idiot Americans:

Then he begins sucking a lot of moneyed mon-eye at treefiddy a blow (he started off doing it for free because he liked it, which is cool, but then he realised that he’s got a mean vacuum of a mouth and he could make those daddies pant):

He eats too many late-night kebabs after drinking binges stemming from his innate self-hatred and inability to be at peace with the world. He ultimately fails as a human being by becoming the columnist-cum-right-wing/Howard-apologist we all know and hate: