Dissertation Writing

I have been trying to write abstracts for each of my chapters and I have found it very difficult. This morning I realised that, taking into account that I have less than one year left and that I want to finish in this time, I may have to shift the focus of my dissertation. I […]


It is difficult enough to figure out when people are being serious or not in everyday face-to-face conversation, let alone online or in other ‘nu-tech’ scriptual economies, such as mobile phone texting… The emoticon emerged as a direct result of the lack of easily expressible affect in online exchanges. The genealogy of the emoticon probably […]

Badiou is funny and Zizek: The Movie

So Badiou has a sense of humour. This is awesome. Elspeth’s comments re reactionaries and the necessary response from academics are exemplified in Badiou’s article on the hijab and the French situation. My favourite bit of the article isn’t so funny though: 19. There’s no getting around it: thought’s enemy nowadays is property, business, things […]