how do you own dis order?

I caught a line from CSI: New York as I was waiting for my noodles to absorb their water (free fork! sweet!) and it got me thinking about minor uses of language. The line:

“If I find out you did this thing… I’ll send you away for the rest of your life.”

What I like is the use of ‘thing’. What is the ‘thing’ in this example? A quadruple homicide. In other words, an event. Albeit a tv version of a horrible one. The ‘thing’ is not an object, but a slice of the continuum signalled through language. It is a jolting use of ‘thing’. Who did this thing? Why would someone do this… this thing? But it is also a cliche of a NY-ese minor language. The mob and all that jazz. So what does it mean for some crime scene uber-nerd to be assuming such a language? Is it simply signifying ‘New York’? Is this thing a refrain of New York?

Title of the post comes from System of the Down’s Toxicity. The written lyrics do not capture the subtlety of ‘disorder’ as it is actually sung in the track as ‘dis order’. As in ‘this’ order, but maybe also ‘dis’ as in disrespect. Anyway. They are speaking Agambenese. Awesome title for a paper!

Rock over London,
Rock on Chicago.


The dinner of champions.

—- —- —-

Hmmm, I think this post was far too cryptic. The question — How do you own dis order? — is an explicit popular culture manifestation of the current state of exception. Above photo is of Wesley Willis. Willis died in 2003. He was a Black schizophrenic musician and artist. One of his songs — “Rock n Roll McDonald’s” — was used in the film Super-Size Me. His songs were literally written in the minor language of the schizophrenic. Is there a better example of D&G’s abstract machinations on the creativity of nomad thought? The last bit of my original post is a reference to the McDonald’s song where he ends with the Weaties refrain: “Weaties: The breakfast of champions.”

you be illin’?

Yeah, well, I know what Run DMC were talking about now… I have karaoked this track. It was awesome (I think? haha! Sandy was there?), cause I know all the words. A mate and I used to crank it on the way to the pool hall. There is some mad scratching, plus it has a sick beat with Run DMC rapping at their finest. So many nights of pool… Last verse is my favourite:

Dinner. You ate it. There is none left
It was salty, with butter and it was def
You proceeded to eat it, cos you was in the mood
But homes you did not read it was a can of dog food!

You be illin’

I often rant about the stupidity of the world on this blog. Sometimes I realise that I am of this dark world I describe and I do equally silly things. I wonder… how do people reconcile their own stupidities?

For me the first stage is a kind of shock or, what amounts to the same thing, a realisation. Everything is going hunky-dorey and then… Dog food! Or maybe — I made a dog’s breakfast of that situation! Totally! shit…

Sometimes it is not so happy (let’s say, ‘not so funny’ because it is never really ‘happy’), like when I have crashed cars. That isn’t funny. Well it was to my big brother. I am sure I still owe some money to some local government or something. Plus it is dangerous. But other times situations can be equally as dangerous and you don’t quite realise it. Not physically dangerous, but in danger of making an ass of yourself. That is fine for me (I love karaoke!), but I really do not like making others feel uncomfortable (except with karaoke! haha!).

I guess when you be illin’ is when the Other comes home to roost. On your head. Like a cock-o-doodle-do. I often become my own Judge Dredd. Judge, jury and blog posterer. Are apologies enough? Sometimes. Not for policepeople though! ha! And sometimes they aren’t enough for yourself either.

But sometimes it works out alright, too! hmmm…

Yeah… but at the moment? I be illin’

On Politics

Maybe the time has come to work towards the prevention of disorder and catastrophe, and not merely towards their control. Today, there are plans for all kinds of emergencies (ecological, medical, military), but there is no politics to prevent them. On the contrary, we can say that politics secretly works towards the production of emergencies. It is the task of democratic politics to prevent the development of conditions which lead to hatred, terror, and destruction — and not to reduce itself to attempts to control them once they occur.


From Dissertation to Book

Brett sent this around to all the CCR postgrads. It is on the differences between writing a dissertation and turning a dissertation into a book. I found it interesting, because I think I am writing my thesis wrong. Hmmm…

Choose a topic, preferably one sufficiently narrow that no one else has elected precisely the same territory for exploration. Read everything written on the topic. Demonstrate, with less or greater subtlety, that you’ve actually done this reading via hundreds of endnotes, footnotes, and superscripts. Disagree with some aspect of received opinion about your topic. Document everything. Offer analyses that support your position. Although that may be the recipe for a dissertation, it isn’t the formula for a book.

Mel is currently turning her dissertation into a book, so the below extract is rather funny!

It’s hard to pick up a dissertation and hear its author’s voice. Dissertations don’t pipe up. Like the kid in the choir who’s afraid she cannot carry a tune and doesn’t want to be found out, the dissertation makes as small a sound as possible.

Anyway, my thesis has too much ‘voice’. I need to stamp out some of my voice and make it safe. And then there is this bit:

A dissertation demonstrates technical competence more often than an original theory or a genuine argument. This is, in fact, another of those open secrets of academic publishing: a book doesn’t actually need an original theory. It’s often more than enough to synthesize a range of ideas or perspectives, as long as one can do it in a way that creates a new perspective (your own) and provides the reader with further insights into an interesting problem.

Hmmm, I should have chosen a topic with more shit written about it.

Sydney Shootings – got fieldwork?

I don’t think I want to do anymore fieldwork. There were shootings at The Rocks and Stanmore Macca’s (which is actually just up the road from where I live) the other night. I have spent time doing fieldwork in both sites. They are trying figure out if the shootings are related. How random…

I know that Stanmore Macca’s is a stop off point for those cruising down George St to or from The Rocks. That is why I have been to both for fieldwork. But this doesn’t mean the shootings are necessarily related. The idiot news reporters still call The Rocks a hang out for street racers. Proof? None. The local government has introduced a curfew to stop car dudes from hanging out. Discussion on some car forums here and here. In fact:

Supt Rogerson rejected suggestions of a link between today’s shooting in The Rocks and street racing, a common problem in the area.

And he is an interesting comment on one of the car forums:


We bag the police alot in our car community but remember if this was a friend of yours that got shot its the police looking to stop these arse wipes driving around shooting people. The biggest enemy to us and the police in my opinion is the media. They spin more shit than an old women sewing dags and help neither the police solve the crime, the families mourn or the general community hear the truth of whats happening. 

I was glad to see the car picked up by police in connection to the shootings was a BMW and not some shitbox wannabe street-racer mobile. You have to watch out for those nasty BMW owners, they own the means of production and exploit you everyday.

I’m glad I was out getting boozed! Yay!