you be illin’?

Yeah, well, I know what Run DMC were talking about now… I have karaoked this track. It was awesome (I think? haha! Sandy was there?), cause I know all the words. A mate and I used to crank it on the way to the pool hall. There is some mad scratching, plus it has a sick beat with Run DMC rapping at their finest. So many nights of pool… Last verse is my favourite:

Dinner. You ate it. There is none left
It was salty, with butter and it was def
You proceeded to eat it, cos you was in the mood
But homes you did not read it was a can of dog food!

You be illin’

I often rant about the stupidity of the world on this blog. Sometimes I realise that I am of this dark world I describe and I do equally silly things. I wonder… how do people reconcile their own stupidities?

For me the first stage is a kind of shock or, what amounts to the same thing, a realisation. Everything is going hunky-dorey and then… Dog food! Or maybe — I made a dog’s breakfast of that situation! Totally! shit…

Sometimes it is not so happy (let’s say, ‘not so funny’ because it is never really ‘happy’), like when I have crashed cars. That isn’t funny. Well it was to my big brother. I am sure I still owe some money to some local government or something. Plus it is dangerous. But other times situations can be equally as dangerous and you don’t quite realise it. Not physically dangerous, but in danger of making an ass of yourself. That is fine for me (I love karaoke!), but I really do not like making others feel uncomfortable (except with karaoke! haha!).

I guess when you be illin’ is when the Other comes home to roost. On your head. Like a cock-o-doodle-do. I often become my own Judge Dredd. Judge, jury and blog posterer. Are apologies enough? Sometimes. Not for policepeople though! ha! And sometimes they aren’t enough for yourself either.

But sometimes it works out alright, too! hmmm…

Yeah… but at the moment? I be illin’

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  1. Silly rap lyrics. Not enough of these around today. This reminds me of my favourite Rakim rhyme: I love those moments in rap when the desperation for a rhyme is tangible, resulting in a combination of plain silliness and profound linguistical joy, a state of grace brought about through the unconscious ‘agency of the rhyme’:
    Feelin out of place cos, man, do I miss
    A pen and a paper, a stereo, a tape of
    Me and eric b, and a nice big plate of
    Fish, which is my favorite dish
    But without no money it’s still a wish

  2. Predictable fave ODB from Got Your Money:

    I don’t have no problem with you fucking me/
    But I have a little problem with you not fucking me.

    Anyway I just started reading Avital Ronnell’s book Stupidity which is really fascinating in terms of various on-going culture wars as well as what you’re saying – I think you would dig it. She talks about transcendental stupidity, and the ways stupidity can be made to mean in terms of different concepts and semantic chains, including the politics and histories of the ways its been deployed against different ‘others’. Blah blah I can’t describe well but check it out. (I will try and blog about it when I’ve read some more.)

  3. yo anon, my doggy dog dog, what the haps?

    and christian! it was totally the best thing on tele since that Show Me Love! It was sad to see that Supernatural dude beat the other dude in the battle. But Super’s freestyle was better on the night, although the other guy seemed better other times. Like when he was driving around on the phone. Classic. Like one guy said, it was thee-at-ter.

    You ROCK SBS!

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