Tati, Playtime

These walls are paper thin, And everyone hears every little sound. Everyone’s a voyeur, their watching me, Watch them, watch me right now. I saw bits of Jacques Tati’s Playtime last night. It is a very interesting film. Actually, I loathe to use ‘interesting’; there should be an embargo on that word. I hate it. […]

Capitalism is Demented

From Deleuze’s lecture on Anti-Oedipus: […] In other words, all the bodies of a society are essential: to prevent the flowing over society, over its back, over its body, of flows that it cannot code and to which it cannot assign a territoriality. […] A social body is well defined as follows: there is perpetual […]

Governmentality and the ‘Law and Order Society’

I posted a version of the below to the Foucault list this morning as I have reached another aporia in my ‘thesis thinking’. I thought I’d post a version up here, too. Maybe one of my regular readers (or some random) will be able to point me in the direction of some related work. 🙂 […]