The Sydney Autouni webpage is up. I have been attending meetings in preparation for an event on the 13 August: UNIVERSITY + WAR. Sandy and I have been talking about addressing the question of the “increasing precariousness of student life and academic/student creative labour.” (I posted an email to the CSAA email list after some […]

Piracy, Immaterial Labour, the Franchise Event

Jon has written an interesting post on the relation between piracy and digital production. It has sent me off thinking about another one of my back-burner papers on configuring popular culture purely in terms of the Deleuzian event as a way to circumvent neo-Platonic conceptions of media production (representation, etc) and the cultural economy of […]

Walking Like a Duck

(Via SMH on Michael Clarke’s Duck) Watching the Ashes with Clif at his joint we started discussing the walk between the changeroom and the pitch for batsmen who have just got out. The space between the changeroom and the pitch is an interesting space. The changeroom is literally a ‘standing reserve’ of batsmen. The pitch […]