Hot Coffee and Immaterial Labour

Although it is probably bigger news in the conservative heartland of the US, apparently there is a mod of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that allows for pornographic content (and you thought the title of this blog post indicated it was going to be another rant about postgrad life!?!). The hoopla has also spilt onto […]

Correction to Lotringer’s Forward to Virno’s A Grammar of the Multitude

I am reading Paul Virno’s A Grammar of the Multitude. Lotringer’s forward references (fn 8) a then unpublished essay by Brett Neilson “The Market and the Police: Finance Capital in the Permanent Global War.” The problem is that Brett’s name is spelt “Breit Nelson” even though is sounds very European and perhaps even Germanic, it […]

on the go

Anyway. Report to myself on my progress. Or a ranted-up sliver of self-reflection. Or ‘Mental cob-web clearing going on, watch for falling tools.’ Or ‘No high-concept fireworks to see here, people. Move along. Move along.’ 1) Thesis is coming along. I am continually struck be the immensity of the task I have set myself. I […]