Two interesting developments associated with the Centre for Mobilities Research (CEMORE), Lancaster University. 1) They have a blog. If you are interested in mobilities research it may be worth investigating. 2) There is a new journal coming out next year: Mobilities.

Peter Costello: Values?

Treasurer and Number Two of the current ruling neo-liberal, neo-conservative Liberal party coalition government, Peter Costello, has been implicitly using a very interesting definition of ‘values’. For Costello the form or mode of government and its relation to and nature of the judical system constitutes ‘values’ in the contemporary popularist, nationalist and reactionary sense of […]

Materialist Love

You won’t find this on a greeting card: At this time, so far as I know, I was particularly anguished by the disappearance of a woman whom I shall not name, in order not to go against her wishes. This anguish had essentially to do with the impossibility for me of determining the social reasons […]

The Wedding Crashers: PoMoCo

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead. The Wedding Crashers is not a romantic comedy, it is a postmodern comedy. Vaughn along with Owen Wlison play a couple of divorce mediators: Jeremy Grey and John Beckwith respectively. The central premise is that two jokers infiltrate weddings to score with ‘romantically inflected’ women: “Get out your net and get […]