Between Auge and Deleuze

I am currently reading Ronald Bogue’s introduction to the Deleuze Cinema books before I actually start reading them. This is probably cheating, but I really don’t have the time to bugger around with Deleuze much anymore. I did not realise that Deleuze used Marc Auge’s term ‘any-space-whatever’ (‘espace quelconque’) to develop his notion of the […]

The Careerist Security of Noblesse Oblige #2: Insecurity

To continue the Bourdieu-workplace connection in the context of (in)security here is an extract on neoliberalism from a brilliant article (via): … a Darwinian world emerges — it is the struggle of all against all at all levels of the hierarchy, which finds support through everyone clinging to their job and organisation under conditions of […]

The Careerist Security of Noblesse Oblige

A response to Mel Gregg’s response to my comments on her blog. The below numbered comments are drawing on some ideas being developed for the Autouni event where I will hopefully be a giving a paper (of some description, the exact nature of which is yet to be determined) with Sandy. Hopefully the below does […]