Australian Cinema Malaise

Insight on SBS tonight — ‘Reel Drama’– was a cracker. I have a peripheral interest in the film industry helping some dudes make movies in Melbourne and what not. Here is the latest effort.

“Culture” was a buzzword. To tell you the truth it sounded like a first year cultural studies tute. Changing the ‘culture’ is such an early-00’s solution. Pffft…

The show was a fight between three teams.

1) Those who believe in author/director/producer/whoever as artisan and cinema/tv (but mostly cinema) as art.
2) Those who believe that cinema is an out-dated media delivery system (my words). More here.
3) Those who focused on the cultural economy surrounding the film and television industry.

Megan Spencer got hammered. David Caeser wasn’t impressed with her. lol! A bit of anti-intellectualist bias, but Spencer seriously came across as a fuckin twat. Oh Megan, you poor bourgie…

Perhaps cinema is the last great stand of the bourgeois autonomy between art for arts sake and (post-fordist) cultural industries?

Interesting stuff. Good to see the SBS producer raises the issue of content-on-demand media delivery systems. She called it ‘google tv’.

Inspiring me to write some more of my script for ‘The Hoon’ (working title, lol!). Orstaylian film!

More: @ by Guy and @ larvatus prodeo by Mark.