Broken Hard Disk = KKD!!!!!

[deep breath]

I have had my second portable hard disk fail on me in a 14 month period. Yes, I really want to break something. Namely, the designer of these piece of shit portable hard disks.

This one had about 12 gigs of stuff on it out of a 120 gig capacity. One day I may have the money to retrieve what is on it. It is mostly PDF files of several hundred journal articles I have read during my PhD, back ups, a couple of gigs of media content, plus all my work I did in Sweden, which is now gone… It was bought for Sweden and afterwards it was mostly used for travelling between my home and university computers.

This is not as catastrophic as it appears and probably reflects how far off I am from actually completing my thesis. I luckily (smartily?) enough have a back up of my actual thesis document files on my home computer. I am now going to send myself these files to my various email accounts so I have copies saved ‘off-computer’ in the event of something truly PhD-ending.

Perhaps this is evidence that I need a ‘clean break’.

2 replies on “Broken Hard Disk = KKD!!!!!”

  1. Perhaps you could make friends with some IT students? Or some IT dudes at UTS? Present it as a challenge, like a D&D quest or something, and maybe someone will jump at the opportunity to go “hunting for the lost Fuller data of 05” or something…

    It was somewhat amusing in my head but making fun of specialists always sounds cold and nasty in the real world. I’m a horrible person, I’m going to have a shower.

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