Calling All Brown Coats

Joss Whedon on Rove.

Rove really comes across as an over-excited child sometimes. What a numbnut. Whedon was doing the press junket thing for Serenity (Australian (??) movie website).

Two interesting things came up in the interview.

Whedon worked at a video store. I always think of Tarantino working in a video store and that someone is working in a video store might be like Tarantino. Then I remember that it is more than likely that people who know make it big are going to have working in video stores, or book stores, or even service stations to fund their way through the nobody stage. He loves Dude, Where’s My Car? Sweet. Dude.

The way he decribed working as a script doctor vs writing his own stuff. He said it is fun being a script doctor because the scripts he is given are like big puzzles with all these ‘cool things’ that need to be reassembled so they make sense. Yeah, totally. Sounds like writing a PhD dissertation… AHAHaha…

Also this is a cack. Sucked in Lucas.

I need to get out of the flat. Apparently could’ve gone to a screening and Q&A session with Whedon or caught up with him having a beer!!!!!!!!1 WTF!

Just watching Knoxville on Rove. That dude is fried. Oh, watching Knoxville is like taking a holiday.