OK so I weigh in at a petite 111.5kgs now (245.3 lbs for the backward;). Down from 130-odd kgs (280-ish lbs) 6-and-a-bit months ago. Plus, I am not smoking at all and don’t really think about it. I can do regular 7 minute-2km ergo’s (rowing machine). This means that I am fit, believe it. I can do the cycle and stairmaster for as long as I want, normally for about 20 minutes each on relatively high levels of cardio ‘hardness’. Then weights for about 40 minutes to an hour. I do this at least 4 times a week.

I reckon I’ve got about another 8 weeks before the CSAA conference which is my target date. I am losing about 1 kg a week, but weight loss is not a true indication of the way my body shape is changing because I am getting stronger at the same time.

I met a person at a party a few weeks ago and told me I had the biggest shoulders they had ever seen. Indeed…! Yes, ‘ego works’, but I am making my own self-image, and not one inducted via the ‘spectacle’. I work my body so I am actually using it rather than letting it be a mere vessel for my brain and alcohol. Whatever becomes of it after all this work it is doing, then so be it.

Gym is a pleasure now, even when I weat my box off or start tasting my lunch/breakfast again on the stairmaster. I feel my body working and it feels good. I get to do enough intellectual gymnastics with my dissertation, it feels good to be working my body now, too.