Broadband and Skinny Glen

I am currently waiting for our national telecommunications supplier to activate my phone line for broadband. I got paid recently for a magazine article I wrote. It was either bills + a couch or bills + broadband connection. I decided on the broadband option and a general rejig of my personal telecommunications expenses (so I […]

Technology, Events, and Thresholds of Subjectivity

I am reading Adrian Mackenzie’s Transductions at the moment. There are a couple of reviews and mentions online. The reviews are mostly positive. My experience of the book so far is summed up by this comment from the esteemed Chris Chresher: A transductive approach extends the domain of the political beyond language and institutions: ‘politics […]

How to Write a Cultural Studies paper

Perfect timing for everyone writing their CSAA papers, here is How to Write a Cultural Studies Paper (via Az). Those funny Norwegians. He even thanks Keith Windschuttle… What a crack up! Yes, I do mean that in the technical Deleuzian sense. Phoarrrrr! Cultural Studies is a drug; one must write with an ethics of sobriety. […]

We are all drops of water in a great river

Serenity was disappointing on one level. In terms of continuing the firefly/serenity franchise it succeeded; in terms of delivering crisp weirdly-esoteric dialogue it succeeded; in terms of transforming the TV concept into a movie it faltered slightly. Whedon’s method for translating from the TV screen to the megaplex screen seemed to rest squarely with answering […]