Bourgie Bags


Bourgie bags, a.k.a. ‘eco bags’, ‘enviro bags’ and so on. These things make me angry. It is a ‘blow off valve‘ for the mass guilt experienced by buying ‘groceries’. Part of the machinery for the seduction/coercion of the masses is the production of guilt (the ‘debt’). Bourgie bags are designed not to make you feel guilty, but to allow you to manifest/release your guilt in a non-revolutionary way. The ‘bourgie bag’-machine is an implement of the spectacle.

In the world of invidualised consumption being the motor for the production of debt — they call it ‘consumer confidence’, confidence in what? Confidence in one’s own subsumption — any tool that allows people to think they are doing the right thing when buying hyper-commodified products from sites of mass-consumption needs to be attacked.

The massive expenditure required to get commodities ‘up to speed’ in the current culture of absolute visibility/circulation is the greatest waste imaginable. Forget the bourgie bags, refuse to buy ‘packaged’ goods! At the minimum, buy bulk; if you can’t buy it bulk, then don’t buy it! It hurts my brain to think about the tremendous waste produced through the multiple series of spectacle-waste produced for the sake of more spectacle-waste.

Don’t only “Say No To Plastic Bags!”, say no to the over-packaged, hyper-commodified products that are placed in them.

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