Broadband and Skinny Glen

I am currently waiting for our national telecommunications supplier to activate my phone line for broadband. I got paid recently for a magazine article I wrote. It was either bills + a couch or bills + broadband connection. I decided on the broadband option and a general rejig of my personal telecommunications expenses (so I can reuse my home phone line for something beyond the internet and turn my mobile into pre-paid rather than post-paid). So hopefully the line activation should happen within a week.

My intensive gym activities have allowed me to reach something of a weight plateau; what I think must be close to my ‘normal’ weight. I am hovering around the 111kg mark now. My previous proclamation was actually a bit premature as the next day I weighed 113kgs. However, my weight loss has definitely slowed, yet my fitness levels keep on increasing (did a 2km warm-up ergo the other day in 6m:46s, almost the quickest I have ever gone). When I was previously superfit the lightest I ever became was 108-109kgs.