Badiou and Zizek

Robin over at Irrational Numbers has superb posts and photographs on a recent conference (“Is the politics of truth still thinkable?”) that included Badiou and was organised by Zizek. My favourite line is one of Robin’s:

Anyhow it did serve strikingly to take me right back to AntiOedipus: oh, how marxists and lacanians alike flinch violently at the very suggestion of some positive desire – as if torching cars isn’t fun! As if there were something positively indecent in the idea, that pleasure could admix with political anger.

Oh, chortle…

I have also been meaning to post links to two of Robin’s other posts that should be read (here and here). I wish I had the capacity to engage in some intelligent way.

Can anyone host the two sound files one of Zizek’s talk and one of Badiou’s?

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  1. Hi Glen…hey, I should have known you’d like that line, being a notorious hoon 😉
    ps the MP3s are now available, along with a transcript of the Badiou (hell, even I’m not dedicated enough to transcribe Zizek.)

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