Socceroos and the Political Economy of Belonging

I am going to the Socceroos World Cup qualifying game this evening. Should be fun. My brother bought me a ticket and flew across from Perth. We have been hanging out in my little flat. The game is being played at Sydney Olympic stadium at Homebush Bay. There should be a crowd of 80,000 people […]

Back to Security

To return to my posts (one, two and three) where I attempted to outline, firstly, why I found the concept of Noblesse Oblige problematic, but how I could see a positive potential in the implicit ‘security’ of such a social mechanism, and, secondly, where I was lambasted by Angela for using the term ‘alternative security’ […]

Pong Body

Scot’s recent post on Stelarc’s Ping Body has reminded me of this idea I had when reading Mackenzie’s chapter in Transductions on Stelarc and Virilio… From Stelarc’s website: The Ping Body performances produce a powerful inversion of the usual interface of the body to the Net. Instead of collective bodies determining the operation of the […]