Failure of Neoliberalism

Extract of text from a speech by Evo Morales (via Larvatus Prodeo). Besides the undercurrent of nationalist protectionism, the use of “rule of law” is interesting if thought of as something like Agamben’s “force of law” and the figure of auctoritas. I’d be interested to see what Jon has to say about this. What does […]

Offerings to the God of Speed 2

Some more about The World’s Fastest Indian. To a certain extent, Burt Munro (Anthony Hopkins) is something of an automobilised equivalent to Deleuze and Guattari’s itinerent labourers in ATP (“freemasons” who built the medieval cathedrals of Europe). The freemasons did not construct space from the conceptual abstract space of architectural ruminations, but cleaved it from […]

Criticism of Our Time

Alberto Toscano on Deleuzian method (here in a roundtable discussion): The criticism of our time, as you put it, is indissociable from an investigation and experience of its transcendental field(s), of the (impersonal) tendencies and haecceities which traverse it, as well as the potentialities, utopian ones perhaps, with which our present can be composed. This […]