Cusp of Entertainment Revolution

In the comments to my Genealogy of Talent Time post I wondered:

[D]o you think that the ultimate result of the post-WW2 entertainment revolution will be something like the home freezer? Where we once had ice home delivered because no one really had the technology to produce ‘ice’ at home. If talent has become a function of a few laughs, etc then perhaps in the future we shall no longer need ‘entertainment’ home delivered, because we can produce that at home…

It has totally happened.

Enter The Movies.

This is the equivalent of Pong compared to say a future World of Warcraft or something. Imagine how quickly ‘real’ actors will license themselves, authors and writers will license the fictional universes they have created (think comics), and so on. I want car manufacturers to allow cars to be licensed. Talent?

If 200 ‘fan movies’ are made with your licensed image and voice (voice would be one way of controlling the image, it is difficult to maniuplate voice to make it say what you want, unlike an image and image without voice would be kind of pointless), which are watched by say 10 people, then that is 2000 people who have seen a work which you never had to actually work in. In the world of superfast broadband, these micro movies could be downloaded in a blink of an eye. The power of Google becomes free ‘Buzz’.

This reminds me of an argument that has been mulling around in my mind as a Deleuzian rejoinder to the Platonic/Hegelian conception of ‘Cool’ in Dick Pountain and David Robins’s book Cool Rules: Anatomy of an Attitude. Sure, they can have ‘Cool’; it is merely the generational expression of the capitalistic axiomatic attempting to account for and commodify the spillages outside of the ‘social body’. I am much more interested in the ‘Buzz’. Buzz as pre-individual interest-excitement in the singularity of the world herald by a given spectacle (event-(image-)commodity). This is what is captured by the exploitative cultural industries… Yeah…