Eventalization of Everything

For an excellent example and explication of Foucault’s methodological conception of ‘eventalization‘ see “Anger Be Now Thy Song: The Anthropology of an Event” by Steven C. Caton. Caton is an Anthropology Prof at Havard. It is totally cool that he writes such excellent papers with main titles that could be shared with a late-1980s heavy […]

D&G Time

I have uploaded some random images I have taken on my camera phone and some that are from the recent CSAA conference. This one is funny. D&G are aristocratic commodities advertised on the side of a public phone booth. Note the public transport and once-was publicly owned phone company Telstra in the background. There is […]

Price War Exit

  Shoppingtown, Surrey Hills. We are in-cased in mass-produced ceiling tiles protecting us from the ‘weather’. It is a price war. Everything. Even the exits are sign-posted to enable evacuations. The exit is not an exit, just another room with mass-produced protection. Just in case… They are watching; can you seen them watching? Monitoring just […]