I drink a lot of coffee

Specters of Espresso: Seeking Derrida’s ghost(s) in a bag of fair trade coffee by Jesse Oak Taylor-Ide. A consumer-centric reading of Cafe Fair‘s coffee bags: With [the image of two hands, one brown, one white, grasped in solidarity], the bag attempts to define itself against the exploitive history of imperialism. In an Althusserian sense, it […]

Blogs vs Coke Astroturf Campaign

From Mel caught wind of this: The Age article was probably the last straw. Very soon, thezeromovement.com as a Coke frontgroup was dead. Coke attempted to ‘out’ themselves, but the internet community had beaten them to the punch. Above from Tim Longhurst. Sourcewatch called the ‘zero movement’ an ‘astroturf campaign’:   The Zero Movement is […]

Do London

Myke Bartlett‘s How to Disappear Completely: The Terrible Business and Salmon and Dusk is available as a podcast. I know Myke from Perth. Oddly I knew his younger brother first as he went out with a friend of an ex-g/f of mine, then I knew him because he was friends from uni with another ex-g/f […]


Collin Brooke has some comments on Latour’s latest book on his blog. I like ANT, my supervisors are ANT-heads, but I use it to get to Event-Network Theory (from “A Sociology of Attachment” in Actor-Network Theory and After). Also, I received a copy of Culture and Technology: A Primer by Jennifer Daryl Slack and J. […]