Collin Brooke has some comments on Latour’s latest book on his blog. I like ANT, my supervisors are ANT-heads, but I use it to get to Event-Network Theory (from “A Sociology of Attachment” in Actor-Network Theory and After).

Also, I received a copy of Culture and Technology: A Primer by Jennifer Daryl Slack and J. Macgregor Wise for which I shall write a review for the RCCS. My interest is that it is an introductory text written by two scholars who could be described as ‘Deleuzian’. So far (30 or so pages read last night) it looks very introductory, but the actual introduction included some interesting premises. I shall post a draft review up here if anyone cares to comment.

As a sidenote, when I was an undergrad the core texts were always referred to by their authors or editors. This text would be known as the ‘Slack and Wise’. Brilliant…

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