I had not mentioned it before cause I didn’t want to jinx anything but I have just received (via courier) an entire Street Machine Magazine and Supercar Magazine collection bought on eBay. I have nearly every single Street Machine Magazine of the 1980s and almost all the Supercar Magazines, too. Supercar was a competitor to […]

Captors of Souls

This is the question: what is a body capable of? What affects are you capable of? Experiment, but you need a lot of prudence to experiment. We live in a world which is generally disagreeable, where not only people but the established powers have a stake in transmitting sad affects to us. Sadness, sad affects, […]


VW has some interesting and funny GTI ads at the moment. Watch them here. The invocation of ‘engineering’ (in this case ‘German’ engineering no less) against some kind of ‘pimp my ride’ aesthetic or style is typical of enthusiast car cultures. So my question is quite simple: Why isn’t ‘German engineering’ considered a particular aesthetic? […]