Demented Capitalism #27

I need a new laser printer toner cartridge. After much googling I figured out there is some weird cross-printer cartridge compatibility. The cartridge is actually a Samsung product even though printer is a Fuji Xerox unit.

Anyway, from my local tech shoppe the printer cartridge cost the same as a new printer!

Yes, that would be a bad joke, if it was a joke, but it isn’t, so it is just bad instead, but in this confusion it made me laugh anyway.

Moral question: Do I buy a new printer, with new everything, or just buy the cartridge?

I need to do something as I like being able to print out drafts of my work and go over them with pen in hand. I have lots of work to go over. Oh, and a perhaps dodgy refilled version is on ebay for less.

Capitalism is demented. “Underneath all reason lies delirium, drift. Everything is rational in capitalism, except capital or capitalism itself.”

EDIT 23/02/06: This feels like a Huey Lewis interpretation of Kafka short story and, really, should be listened to while I am at the gym thinking about nothing at all. And, damn, I would be sweaty.

I bought a ‘multifunction’ printer/scanner/copier/thingyme instead of the above three options. I don’t need high quality laser printing facilities (I get that at uni). I need a scanner to digitally archive some old magazines articles/image/etc for my thesis. Plus I also need a scanner for an upcoming off-the-books ‘Deleuze Semifreddo Symposium’ project in the works where I may need to scan some readings for circulation for particpants (stay tuned for that one). Plus I have some digital photos that need printing so as to send to my non-interwebbered aunties.

Anyway here is the actual multifuction unit (that is MULTI not MAL): Canon Pixma 800. It got top reviews across a number of user ‘review’ sites (CNet, ZDNet, Amazon, etc). Checking user reviews is always good consumer practice (even if some (normally negative reviews) look like they have been written by stooges of certain companies, lol!).

One of the main selling points for this particular piece of high-technology is that it has not been made by *coughdrugdealerscough* I mean people who sell dirt cheap ‘permanent’ technologies and then scam you for the so-called ‘consumables’ ink/toner cartridges (ie when you and your technological interface infrastructure has become ‘addicted’ to a certain consumable). The designers at Canon have got half a brain in their permanent head. That means that the ‘head’ is part of the printer mechanism and not part of the (consumable) toner/ink cartridge, this keeps the replacement cost down.

The initial cost has totally crucified me for the next fortnight. I had saved half the money from previous pay and the rest came out of current. So I get to eat cereal and fish fingers for a further fortnight (sweet!). Hurrah!

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  1. hello mr leseouf! how is your british britches treating you? not riding up too much I hopsees?

  2. Loved your Xerox story and sense of humor. Moral of story for all who read it … check out the price of the consumable supplies (i.e. toner and drum cartridges) BEFORE you buy a copier or printer or fax. A lot of these companies will sell the machine cheap figuring to make the real money on consumables. Maybe they charge $400. for a drum cartridge that runs 25,000 copies figuring 1.6 cents per copy is a fair price. Maybe it is for folks who don’t run many copies and don’t have money for a big initial payment to buy a new machine. Bottom line, ya gotta do the math !

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