Automobile Queues

Looks like someone has had the same idea as me regarding automobile traffic and queues. Damn that is annoying when an idea pops up elsewhere. I need to read the article, but I wonder if he goes into what a queue actually does?

Oh, and check out the rest of the first issue of the new journal Mobilities.

EDIT: Hurrah! From the article:

“Queues are also the sign of a deficiency within the car-based transportation system. Congestion calls for solutions.” pg 67

Awesome, another strawperson to argue against. If it is necessary to have an individualist car-based transportation system, a stalwart of postwar neoliberalist tendencies in most western countries, then queues are its highest achievement! Highest! There is no other perfection (of Weber’s rationalism or Ellul’s technique) known to humanity other than the self-assembly of complex queues. Want evidence of a ‘control society’? There it is!!

Traffic is the production of immanent and active containers for the distribution of the road as a resource. Traffic is a social technology of road-resource distribution. Without traffic, the road would not be shared. Instead of seeing the ‘evil traffic’ as producing the accident-event or the congestion-event, we should instead think about how traffic itself — as a complex interweaving of heterogenous queues — is produced as the socio-technical event of traffic (the traffic-event).

There are many forms of traffic, the road and car-based traffic is just one, but all queueing systems involve the distribution of relatively scarce resources. Surely this is a problem for any critically minded scholar…?

Or, let me put it this way, there is one dominant form of rage amongst all the ‘current affairs’ tabloid news stories about rage (ie road rage, shopping rage, etc.), and that is queue rage. There are so many queues, so many systems of resource distribution organised around the distribution of unnecessarily false-scarcities that people are getting annoyed, continually. Invoke the queue, manage your (self) frustration, stay in the queue.

There is no society. Only The Queue.