Rotary Refugees

I’ve collected the first three years or so (with a few exceptions) of one of the first non-V8-based mass-enthusiast magazines of the contemporary period of modified-car culture in Australia, Fast Fours and Rotaries. Here is one of the more interesting magazine covers: Rotary powered cars were understood by the largely anglo-Australian modified-car enthusiast circles as […]

Thesis Troubles # 1

I am having trouble with the third and final section of my introductory chapter. In this section I set up the general relation between markets, scenes, and what I am calling at this stage ‘potential’. (I am writing this up here, as is the case with all the seemingly crazy esoteric stuff I write here […]

Adorno on Weber

“Within the economic sector, Weber asks whether the understanding of the administration for the objective problems which they have to solve is equal to the powers which they weild. This is so because precise factual knowledge in their field is a matter of immediate economic existence: ‘errors in official statistics bring no direct consequences for […]