Singularities and Language

What is a singularity? It is a simple question, but any answer is not so simple and I am not so sure. There are the scientific answers. Whatever. They are too simple, because they assume too much. In The Logic of Sense Deleuze isolates the ‘fourth person singular’ as a dimension of language found in […]

I’m Excited

I have scanned the Gomart and Hennion piece on what they call the ‘sociology of attachment’ but which also discusses ‘event-network theory’. It is a hard and fast ‘event’ theory influenced by Foucault and Actor Network Theory, but different to Deleuze’s hard-to-explain ‘singular’ conception and Foucault’s ‘historical periodization’ conception of events. I am pushing for […]

Events and Texts

Nick over at Memes of Production links to an essay (via Crooked Timber) entitled Critical Information Studies: A bibliographic manifesto (PDF document) by Siva Vaidhyanathan. It is a very well written paper. Vaidhyanathan writes: Critical Information Studies investigates four dynamic fields of scholarly analysis and debate: 1) the abilities and liberties to use, revise, criticize, […]