The Fast and the Furious Three: Tokyo Drift

The Fast and the Furious Three: Tokyo Drift is due for release in a couple of months. One of the interesting things from the recently released trailer is the tagline: This Summer Speed Needs No Translation Translation implies a cross-cultural exchange. The ‘translation’ line is relevant because the film is largely set in the ‘underground […]


I was on the incline bench press yesterday and my left shoulder popped out on the last rep of my last set. It is a weird feeling to look down at part of your body and see a concave deformation where there shouldn’t be one. I dropped the bar, as you would expect, and signalled […]

The Sopranos and Adult Entertainment

I have been thinking about the definitions of ‘adult’. Pierre Bourdieu defines adult in terms of ‘social age’ which is separate from ‘biological age’. When one is an ‘adult’ one assumes certain responsibilities in exchange for assuming certain freedoms. However, there is another definition of ‘adult’ (and therefore ‘age’). This was made apparent to me […]

Arhythmic: Where I’ve Been

I had a month (roughly the duration of Feb) where everything gelled and I was in what I call ‘machine mode’ looking good to finish PhD. Then I had my bike stack, some work came up that was too good to refuse, and I just got busy, busy, busy doing things other than my dissertation. […]