Top Gear: British Tossers

Via Ben. Top Gear set it up to be a battle of Youth versus Tradition via a hill climb. Hill climbs in themselves are the preferred motorsport of middle-class dead wood. Get the Sprite cruising and see how many heads it turns (that is if the stodgey tweed covered driver doesn’t get stabbed by some […]

The Order of Nothing, Cigarette Smoke

I am getting sick of idiot advertising copywriters who invent markets to sell to manufacturers. They wish there were such things as aspirational bogans to make their own bourgie worlds a little less haunted by the spectre and FUCKING STENCH of bourgie guilt. Get your eco-bags and overpriced designer, thrift-shop clothes, and fuck off. Copywriters […]

Magazines Part 1

I have gone through about 1/6th of the magazines I have and entered the details (cover copy, cover image, issue publication details, notes on individual issues) into a spreadsheet. I have just finished oredering the rest into publication dates. One interesting problem is that Street Machine, the most popular of the magazines, continually evolved throughout […]