Technology, Affect

Chev Offroad and Marine Engine (C.O.M.E.) Racing advertisement, page 12, Supercar Magazine no. 34 June/July 1989 The advertisement is an example of the complexity of enthusiast discourse. It combines the technical diagram with the affectivities of the language used in the pointed instructions with the affectivities of the rhetorical question and the language and italicization […]

A-Signifying Semiotics

The third category is a-signifying semiotics. There is a circular connection, skirting around signifying semiologies, between form and matter, but without leaving – unlike a-semiotic encodings – the expression and content planes. It is this circularity which allows asignifying semiotics to remain independent of, and in a non-hierarchical relation with, signifying semiologies and language. Guattari […]

Singularity and Ideal Events

“What is an ideal event? It is a singularity- or rather a set of singularities or of singular points characterizing a mathematical curve, a physical state of affairs, a psychological and moral person. Singularities are turning points and points of inflection; bottlenecks, knots, foyers, and centers; points of fusion, condensation, and boiling; points of tears […]