Street and Drag Split, Paradise Found

From the November 1973 issue of the Australian Hot Rodding Review (AHRR), page 4, Rodjots column:

ONE of the biggest changes in the history of Australian rodding occurred at the recent annual general meeting of the AHRF in Sydney. The street rodding and drag racing factions split completely and went their separate ways. The drag racing group, headed by national director John Storm, will be known as the Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) and the street rodders, under the guidance of national director Bob Dykes, will be known as the Australian Street Rod Federation (ASRF). The ultimate result of the splitting of the two groups will probably be the finish of the Australian Hot Rod Federation as the sport’s controlling body. Good luck to both groups. 

Contact was made recently with the first editor of Street Machine magazine, Geoff Paradise (see my blog post.) Paradise also contributed to AHRR (from 1971). He wrote in an email that AHRR became Van Wheels, which I didn’t know. I already knew Van Wheels became Street Machine magazine, but I didn’t know about the earlier connection. We will hopefully organise a time for a longer in-person or phone discussion sometime soon. I am interested not only about this early stuff but his later work setting up another iconic magazine within modified-car culture as the managing editor, Fast Fours and Rotaries. I have all Street Machines of which he was an editor, and all Fast Fours, too. I am waiting on a lot of a third magazine he set up in between Street Machine and Fast Fours, called Performance Street Car. In the end, all his later magazines shifted ownership to what I believe is a Fairfax controlled company called Federal Publishing Company (FPC). However, I am not certain about this. I know the first Performance Street Car published after the ownership shift listed the publisher as John Fairfax. FPC is still a player in the magazine industry, too.

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  1. I own a gts350 and trying to trace its history, i was at the nostalgia drags and a felow named lindsay offord said my car is the one he wone in a magazine namely performance street car. the man in charge at the time was geoff paradise, please help me cos I am trying to find the origonal owner, namely of the early body build, warren turnbull and ben stuart cant help me cos it goes beond the records, could you please get bake to me if you can help
    regards Danny

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