Commissioning Process

Tasks, Completed Date, Links/Help Change theme, 30 July, Slate 1.0 by Dan Cameron Change header image, 30 July, modified image: “Event Mechanics” by Glen Fuller Change CHMOD permission through filezilla (so code can be edited in wordpress, not through cpanel), 31 July (link) Change footer information for image details, 31 July Address title and header image problem […]


I am writing the section of my Street Machining chapter on the emergence of Street Machining and I am currently discussing Panel Vanning. It is going to be a killer section of my thesis and I am having a hard time writing it. Besides the straight history element it also serves as a wonderful opportunity […]

Power of Simulacra

Digitalisation has had a profound impact here too; text and image are no longer ontologically separated but have become expressions of similar codes. The hyperreality of digital codes is that there is no possibility of ascertaining authenticity – editing of images and texts is an ongoing process. Joost van Loon over @ Space and Culture […]