Our Future

“Control is not discipline. You do not confine people with a highway. But by making highways, you multiply the means of control. I am not saying this is the only aim of highways, but people can travel infinitely and ‘freely’ without being confined while being perfectly controlled. That is our future.” — Gilles Deleuze, Two […]


“The vector of prehension moves from the world to the subject, from the prehended datum to the prehending one (a ‘superject’); thus the data of a prehension are public elements, while the subject is the intimate or private element that expresses immediacy, individuality, and novelty. But the prehended, the datum, is itself a preexisting or […]


So I got my art exhibition essay in yesterday. On time too, which made the organisers happy. They are also happy with my approach, which was basically a Deleuzian take (although I don’t reference or mention Deleuze in the essay) on Weber’s conception of ‘charisma’ placed in the context of the disciplinizing function of the […]

Fast Company

I got my hands on a 2-disc DVD of David Cronenberg‘s third big film, Fast Company. I had been reluctant to watch this film even though I knew I would have to one day. Sure I had seen a handful of his movies before and eXistenz had been one the first films that I’d seen […]

For Fun

Here is my reply to a post on the Age’s Screen Play blog (by Jason Hill). I thought they needed some poststructuralist critique to liven things up. —- —- —- “FOR FUN” Interesting point, craig. The only problem is that the buying public are not neo-Kantians who believe in a universal ‘fun’. If we look […]