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I have been commissioned to write an essay for an art exhibition. I have uploaded a draft and I would really appreciate some readers. The biggest issue is that I need to get it to around 2000 words when it is currently about 2500. Plus I am not too sure about style as I may actually split this essay into two essays and develop one for the actual catalogue and the other essay for something else.

Hmm, I think I’ll make a password protected post, so reply to this post and I’ll send you the password via email.

If you are thinking of reading it then I need to have it done in the next couple of days. Also, this is meant for a non-academic audience so it is not as crazy as my other writing, more like my magazine writing (well, almost). 😉

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  1. I thought it was good, but I’m a little bit uncertain about what the conclusions are (what is this Mad Max choice really about, and what do you think is the right answer?) and what it all has to do with art. Also, the ‘european styling’ remark could use another sentence of explanation.

  2. lol, european styling was a dig at the bourgies. which is only possible since the australian automotive market was rationalised and it created such conditions that allowed for the importation of complete cars from abroad (asia, US and europe), rather than the production of shit boxes here.

    conclusions!!!?!?!?! what!?!? that would require some sort of scientific teleology! I am an aquarius, man.

    the art exhibition is called “Supercharged: The car in contemporary culture”

    I basically say, ok, it is not so much the car but the ‘system of automobility’. ok, simple, but what does that actually mean? I try to explain it using the clutch analogy. my point is that good art should force us to think about how we are automobilised (through a multiplicity of automobilising-events which I call ‘road tests’).

    Then, in the second movement, I introduce the notion of the ‘contemporary’ by looking at the two events of 1984 (button plan and V8s till 98) read through the shift captured by the film Mad Max of welfare state (panel van) to neoliberal economic rationalism (V8 interceptor). It is not a choice but a warning, like a kind of weather prediction, but in cinematic form involving V8s and nomad biker gangs. It said, “Get those mutherfucking snakes off this..” No, wait, it actually said, “OK, some shit is going to go down, some will call it postmodernism, but it will relate to globalising neoliberal modes of governance. Be on the lookout cause it’ll fuck some shit up. I’ll explain it with cars. And here is a nomad biker, but who acts like a pirate, arrrr…”

    no, but, I know this is some freaky shit because, seriously, car culture stuff is simply not meant to be as sophisitcated as I am making it. People don’t think of it in a complex way at all. Like the utterly trivial shit I read everyday where people regurgitate common sense assumptions that circulated 30 years ago…

    but does it use appropriate language? I am never sure with this sort of thing. I could write it as if it was an article for a car magazine, but that would feel somewhat patronising, plus some of the ideas are too complex i think. I am not sure. I think I need to work on incorporating the two sections better.

    I think I will delete most of the stuff involving Weber (Max, not the carbies, lol)

    (thanks for having a read!!!!!!!!!)

  3. I just want to say that being an Aquarius is NOT A LEGITIMATE EXCUSE for problems with your academic work. I bet your supervisor peeks around corners to make sure you’re not there 😛

    But the essay is A-O-K, and the language is fine. A good mix of interesting and precise.

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