After a comment asking what sort of car I have, I decided to upload a video into youtube of my car which is currently in storage. This was taken just under two years ago. As I say in the youtube description: “you know there is some crazy shit going on with the motor when it sounds like a bird tweeting and a drag car at the same time. it is meant to sound like that.”

Seeing and hearing it again brings back many memories!! Including swapping the complete dash over once on the lawn of a rental house. lol When he was over recently, my dad said that he may try to get it going again while it is in storage.

When I write about modified cars, such as for my PhD, this is one version of what I am talking about. So put some headphones on and turn it up. Or better yet, if you have a decent stereo hooked up to your computer with a subwoofer, then turn it up really loud and you’ll get some sense of what the car is like. 🙂

PS I hope the embedded link works. 

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  1. well…
    the motor was built by kostecki engine centre in WA. it was built for the ‘street’, ie to run on the old leaded. the previous motor lunched itself on the freeway one night (see microwave story!).

    the entire bottom end of this first motor was dead. so they built and machined up another 351 block (from an XB) and bottom end with a lazy 9.8 comp. saved from the old motor were the 4V heads, crane rockers, weiand manifold and holley 750 dp. unilite ignition. it has a mild hydraulic cam in it. plus it has a gilmer belt for that blower sound 🙂

    you can fit your hand into the ports of the 4V heads. this is crap for the street (2V heads with 4V valves gives better airspeed), but at WOT it is sweet. it was designed to make about 380hp (roughly same as XY GT, but with more torque) and on 95 ron PULP it made 251.9hp atw. revs clean through to 6500. for comparison both my old silvia and my current ED XR6 made 135hp atw. the ED has about half the torque and the S13 about a third.

    if I wanted to make it as fast as possible without spending too much money then the cam would be changed to a roller and the heads would get some work (about 2.5k for 450hp), but with the cam it would be even more undriveable. if I was to keep it and spend further money on it, then a better option would be to sell the heads for 1-1.2k and get some alloy units.

    the toploader has been completely rebuilt (which if you know somehting about toploaders makes the gearbox worth quite a lot of money!!). hurst indy shift, 11″ hays clutch. it has a 9″ with 3.89 gears in it. twin thermos from an EL XR8 and big radiator. 3″ tailshaft. 3″ exhaust and genie headers. plus it has a massive chain going from the chassis rail to the block so it doesn’t snap both engine mounts.

    i did a head gasket in 1999 and changed it.

    never officially raced it.

    I would like to get a mustang or something and change the drivetrain over because it is worth about 10-12k and I will never see that money again with the XD, but a mustang holds its value. the body is straight and I started doing some panel work as you can see. the right hand front qtr panel is dead straight and rubbed back using lead. it is poretty straight with some minor rust but nothing too serious. I actually like the squareness of it, sort of like G1 transformers which were all blocky and shit. needs panel and paint.

    oh, and remember most of this was happening when I was working on a minesite earning 1k a week, with limited living expenses. When I went back to university, I used to drive it to uni (curtin) and to work. I got about 200-250km to a tank. it is not eco-friendly.

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