Unaustralia Conference – Travel

Anyone from Sydney want to car pool for the conference in Canberra? Last year I drove down to Canberra for a half day seminar at ANU, but I have flown twice (once for a uni-funded conference and another time on frequent flyer points for Summernats). Going to a certain UWS campus is like travelling halfway there, too. lol… […]

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Nascar queered. Have a look at some of the comments at the imdb page here: “Who else had their entire audience leave during that kiss?” lol!  Australia will not get it for some time, it looks like the end of September, but the trailer is available online. All north-American readers should go straight to the cinema. […]

Sydney Hail

I am happy I got a place with undercover parking. Photos are currently uploading to Flickr. Photos uploaded here.   Crazy crazy crazy… I was on my bike about to go to gym when it started raining heavily. I start heading back home thinking I have too much work to do anyway. Then everything starts turning white… […]