Love Life

I have a part time teaching position for the rest of the semester. That, and I have another 30,000 words of the PhD to write.

Hence, there shall be a lack of blogging. Although stuff will be posted when the flows of stuff-i-ness in my brain overflow.

My lectures will be available online to the students so I’ll probably post them up here, too.

The course isn’t mine, I am taking it over one third into the semester. Some of the stuff I wouldn’t normally tackle, other stuff is absent that I would’ve liked to have seen in there. I may actually use some blog posts as seeds for lecture ideas. Seriously thinking about using my Pong Body idea as the basis of a lecture. Not to actually do it, like create it as an installation (although totally rad, it would probably be illegal), but use it as a thought experiment. I shall need to assess the students first, see if they could cope with it.