Ergo Proxy

Forgot to mention what triggered the previous post. I rowed a PB on the ergo today of 6m 35s for 2km (drag setting 10). Previous PB was 6:38.

If you didn’t know, indoor rowing (as it is called) is a competitive sport, and my time would’ve got me into the Australian rankings (66). lol… What a joke!! Below 6 minutes is world class. Below 6:30 is still very very good, and that is my next target. They have a 500m class, too. I would do alright for that as I can ‘pull’ flat 1:30’s for 500 (just not for 2km, which would make me famous).

To a certain degree I have the ‘body’ of a rower. At 194cm I am the right height, but I weigh 115kgs so I am a little too fat. Over 75kgs is classified as ‘heavyweight’.

Oh, and my ergo is just a warm for what is roughly a 2 hour gym session. I have never tried to row flat out with nothing else to do after it (which for gym sessions is a waste of time). I also added a 10 minute ergo to the end of my 20 minute bike, 20 minute skier, and 20 minute stairmaster cardio routine. Remember, powered by daydreams!

EDIT 27 Oct: ANOTHER PB! 6:30.9!!!!!!!! Of course, I was only trying to impress the boy in the zoot suit (zoot suit = proper rowing apparel, looks like a one-piece lycra bodysuit). That, or doing my 20min bike first (because all the ergos were busy) served as a good warm up. However, one can’t just accidently do a good time. It has to be attempted from the start. So I must have definitely been out to do another PB. Sweet. Next target is therefore 6:25, but after I have repeated today’s effort a number of times. I still did the rest of my 2 hour workout…

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