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I just posted a longer version of this to the Event, Badiou email list, suggesting that it would be advantageous to develop a working bibliography of literature on the ‘event’. It would be a functional tool. The idea was floated a while ago, when the list changed from spoons Lyotard list, but I think it is time to kick it into gear.

From my perspective there are three major areas of the ‘event’, and one application that I can think of:

1) the event as exception (lacanian, also ‘truth event’ badiou),
2) event as supplement (derridean, also ‘pure event’ deleuze),
3) the event as actualisation/individuation/becoming (deleuzian),
4) the application as the ‘media event’ (‘event’ Dayan and Katz, ‘non-event’ Boorstin, Baudrillard, ‘vector’ Virilio, Wark).

This is a very cursory representation and there are plenty of other texts, such as those by Whitehead, Lyotard, etc that need to be included here, but i have not read them or am comfortable enough with them to include them in the list, so someone else will need to include them. I imagine debates over the way this resource is organised will trigger a lot of discussion(!!). There are other texts, such as Paul Patton’s essay on Deleuzian media events that would cut across this categories and would need some other non-list form of representation. Other concepts, such as Debord’s ‘spectacle’, can be understood as a synergy of the ‘media event’ and biopolitical ‘individuation’, and so will have to be included at some point.

If you can help update the list then leave a comment or send me an email. Eventually I hope to set up or help set up a wiki-type resource that includes annotated entries.







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Media Event


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