Hoon chapter

…is due later today ::cough::

I am still 1000-1400 words over the limit. I think I need to start chopping out examples. If anyone has the time to have a read I would really appreciate it.

The password will be the same as last time. Drop a comment to this post with a good email and I’ll send you the password.

I experiment quite a bit with academic convention in this paper. Mostly to do with referencing. The writing is derived from my PhD where I reference every single thing to a source. IN this book chapter it is much more quasi-academic magazine writing mode. I mention things, and just let them slide, as I assume the reader will have certain pieces of knowledge available to them or they can go find it out. Although, I am sad to have had to have chopped out the bit about social fears and mobility in general. Dogging and raggare! That sucks.

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  1. Your offer is really very sweet. Hope the email thing is adequate since the blog asked me for it [I do loathe technology that’s cleverer than me]. Alas, afternoons suck for me. I really would like to be kicking the shit out of something at that point but I work until 10. Still. Possibly for the rest of my natural life.

    Oh, and nice blog 😉

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