Supercharged essay

Here is my essay that shall appear in the “Supercharged” exhibition catalogue.

Supercharged Essay (pdf)

I am very happy with it as it is the first (and only) piece of work to come out of my PhD thinking and research. I am quite proud of it. Plus I am honoured to have been asked to write the essay by Vanessa McRae (Exhibitions Manager, Institute of Modern Art) who I met at the Cruising Country conference a few years ago.

There are some images that appear in between the pages of my essay that are not part of the PDF. One is a photo of a motor show that includes the banners ‘Passion’ and ‘Obsession’ and the other is a scanned advertisement for the Holden V8 from a 1984 Street Machine magazine.

(The only hiccup is the bio line which seems to have been compressed from the few sentences I sent off. It was meant to say ‘He has had work published in…’ and I tought the course at UTS not UWS, but minor in the scheme of things!)

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  1. I’ve always sort of understood what you were getting at but now I know.

    Tis a lovely essay.

    I find your writing like driving on a new piece of blacktop: I don’t know where I’m going but I like the ride. 🙂

  2. hi ivan,

    i replied to you email, but sent it to your hotmail address. You’ll be busy with summernats stuff, so I’ll send you an email to this addy next week.

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