My dad, my brother, and I drove out to see the crash site where Peter Brock died earlier this year. My dad told the story how on his way to work that day he had seen the last three cars leave off from where ever the racing event started. (I think the casino.) It made him feel like part of the event. The immediacy of the news that Peter Brock had died was perhaps almost as startling as the news itself. I heard about it in Sydney only an hour or so after it happened.
RIP Brocky
Tyre marks are not skid marks from the accident but marks from fans and admirers burning rubber in tribute to the motorsport icon.

Much can be written about Brock and the phenomenon of his death as an event. He has popped in my research during the “V8’s till 98” campaign of 1984 to save the Holden V8. He was instrumental in maintaining the V8 car culture in Australia throughout the 1980s. This is probably more important than his actual racing exploits.

Here are some more photos I took.

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