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So I gave my paper this morning and I think it went well. I feel like I know my stuff 😉

Went out last night and was reasonably responsible, only singing one song at kareoke and not drinking too much. I even went to the gym yesterday morning before the conference started. It is more expensive in Canberra!!

Also last night after the plenary address, I asked Ranciere if he’d done the ‘tourist thing yet’ and then launched into a discussion of tourist spaces versus spaces of monumentality, as Canberra (compared to say Sydney) uses nationalist monuments to interpolate the citizenry, while Sydney has tourist icons that interpolates tourist populations (including the ‘tourist’ subjectivity of locals). He was saved from the random drunk Australian postgrad by a wonderful French woman.

I met some people who read this blog. So, hello!

More later, including photos.

3 replies on “CSAA Conference Blogging”

  1. Hi Glen,

    Congrats on your paper! (c: Quite a website, you have there… I feel “dusty” in comparison. Any chance of maybe getting together and talking about codes??


  2. Actually there was a paper at the conference about this. It was in Gemma’s session. It was about Canberra interpolating the citizenry not only through monuments but also through explicit pedagogical initiatives tied to these monuments (ie, we’ll give your school $$ to bring kids to Canberra provided that they visit Parliament House, the War Memorial, Cube Nightclub Karaoke Thursdays, and several more from a list we provide.)

  3. Nice to make contact again Sonja. I am terribly busy until heading back home to Perth for the hols, so maybe in the new year? 😉

    Mel, wow! that is crazy, I was thinking of Meaghan Morris’s work on the centrepoint in sydney and extrapolating it into a different domain. I wasn’t aware of a conference paper on it. The subsidised ‘monumental’ production of citizen-subjectivities is weird but not really surprising!!!

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